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"Lighthouses on the Mag Mile 2018"
This was a project I am extremely proud to be a part of the lighthouse sculptures were provided by the Chicago Lighthouse organization to 50 local and regional artists to lend our vision to each piece with the idea of promoting access an inclusion to the blind and disabled community .the works were then mounted and displayed along the Mag Mile in the summer of 2018.It was a truly humbling and gratifying experience which I will never forget.
"Ducks on the Mag Mile 2020"

"Ducks on the Mag Mile 2020"A public art project to raise awareness and support for the ID community and the Special Olympics Illinois. Again I was honored to be a part of something that is beyond my capacity to truly comprehend. The strength and courage of the children, women and men in this community was an profound lesson in resilience to me

"Another door opens 2017"

Along with 60 plus artists and designers I was give the opportunity to redesign a vintage door provided by the collection at Architectural Artifacts in Ravenswood.
The opening show and subsequent benefit auction for the Chicago House and social service agency was on a very cold January night in 2017.
It was very warm inside however as crowds of people came to support and connect with a common purpose and lots of love. Honored to be among them and this piece was inspired by my beautiful niece Chloe on her first day in this world. with it I hoped to invoke the feeling of a door opening to new life and promise.

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Chris T