Artist Introduction

Christopher M Trejo was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri where as a young man he cut his artistic teeth in the west bottoms area of KCMO. Among the abandoned warehouses and shuttered meat packing buildings he experimented as a graffiti writer and muralist.
Still drawn to the gritty and seedier elements of life, this is most apparent in Portfolio II "Dead do tell Tales" where skeletons and ghosts come out of hiding and with candor, honesty ,a dry sense of humor and a palpable sense of relief, Trejo revisits and reclaims days of his past struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, that has inspired his pallette, work ethic and mission since getting sober in 2017.
As an autodidactic artist, experimentalism has always been a learning and growth process for Trejo and he embraces this now with a more refined and focused lens which is most prevalent in the Portfolio I "A Chance of Rain".Subtle monochromatics and freeform brustrokes co-mingle with vivid color in confident scale which could be seen in any modern decor or contemporary setting.
"I believe that we are constructed of the memories that we create and as they evolve and change we grow and evolve with them ,constantly informing and constucting new versions of ourselves.Like a book we read once when younger,upon opening today, we can now see with new perspective things we missed and concepts that eluded us in our earlier days perhaps not being ready or able to see them. It is with this material this retold history that we now construct the person we become tomorrow"