Artist Statement

The scope of my work explores the essence of humanity and our relations as we draw influence from our surroundings, memories and our unconscious interactions. Through memory, shared experience and the power they wield to reframe our subconscious. My work is rooted in fostering deeper connections to each other as we navigate our ever evolving human landscape.
A new work or series is often preceded by a period of rest and replenishment involving sunlight and quiet reflection. During these times and the days that follow my senses are acutely attuned to memory, negative space and recurring images, these elements inevitably begin to coalesce into form.

Once back in the studio I draw and sketch what I describe as emotive freeform and intuitive trains of thought. The next step s to allow myself the freedom to change direction ,correct course and redirect my choices ensuring that only the purest essence is refined. Sometimes this process continues with flourishes of vibrant color punctuated by informal shapes and definitive brushstrokes until the moment has been seized and a resolution of purpose is achieved. Other times the process may necessitate a reduction and deconstruction of the initial drawing, editing, line by line using thick layers of acrylic paint mixed with gypsum. I then carefully determine, create and excavate the elements necessary to complete the story. This process and the chosen medium add texture, depth and weight, forming the surface for the ensuing work. Vivid colors, abstract structures and expressive forms begin to emerge and develop, each being transformed by its relation to the next.

Inspired by moments of self -reflection and the clarity of sobriety, a journey I began in January of 2017,I embrace the responsibility and duty of infusing my creations with honesty, illuminating the path towards light.

I am deeply drawn to the inherent, unspoken communication of color, tone and subtle gestures-- the mysterious language we all converse in, unbeknownst to ourselves, yet which I believe informs our every decision and feeling.
Though my work I endeavor to break down the long standing barriers and prejudiced ideas by drawing new connections and shining light on the innate and intimate similarities that bind us together as humans
Chris M Trejo 2023