I am a self taught artist who believes that we are shaped by our memories and the experiences that create them. Through my work I explore the transformative nature of reflection and how memories evolve as we evolve. I believe that the memories that created who I am today have the power to transform the person I become tomorrow.

As an artist working in multiple styles my first goal is to first always speak to the truth. I try to coax out into light the often elusive, sometimes dark and difficult realities that have shaped me as a person and inform my body of work. It is with this principle approach that I consider each painting as an opportunity to interpret ,reflect and to share my understanding of life as I see it today. I believe that only by embracing the triumphs as well as the trials of my life am I able to find balance and to convey the hope and light that inspires me to grow as an artist and person.

Love and gratitude,
Chris m Trejo

Chris Trejo